Magic behind the tracking tools


A tracker, like Voluum, is a must-have software that tracks visitor’s actions and characteristics across a campaign funnel. An ad tracker goes between your source of traffic and an offer, however it is completely invisible for a visitor

Working without a tracker is working in darkness. You have no idea why something is or is not working. Putting out a flashy banner for random people was barely enough ten years ago. Now, when everybody is using trackers, launching a campaign without a tracker is like going to war empty-handed.

Do you think that people using different brands of phones react in the same way to your ads? Most likely not. Different phone brands may indicate different shopping patterns.

It’s a similar story with connection types: people using mobile connection are usually on the move and less likely to consider serious purchases, such as home insurance or house alarms. WiFi connection is used usually at home, which favors these types of purchases.

Cross-reference these types of data for each of your offers to determine if it’s necessary to buy Android mobile traffic for your offer type, for example. Or create a separate path, so that Android users will see a different lander, and maybe a different offer.

That’s tracking in a nutshell.

Tracking Domains

Now let’s talk briefly about tracking domains. A tracking domain is used to track visitor information. Each Voluum account comes with a free and unique dedicated tracking domain. However, for an added layer of extra security, you can get a custom domain from an external domain provider and set Voluum dedicated domain as its CNAME target. 

This will put your custom domain in front of the Voluum dedicated domain. This will protect your Voluum domain from being flagged and blocked, considering the fact that it’s much easier to replace a flagged custom domain than Voluum’s.

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