Budget, tools, and other essentials


Before you set up your first campaign, you need to make sure you have a budget for traffic and access to some very useful tools. Let’s start with traffic. 

By traffic we mean the audience for your ads. Your audience should be:

  1. a well-defined group of people 
  2. that resonate best with your offer.

This may be, for example, ‘Android users below 30 years old’, ‘residents of Englewood, Chicago, IL’ or ‘people that have recently purchased a new laptop’.

The makeup of an audience depends on the traffic targeting options that your traffic source has. A traffic source is a platform that connects publishers with affiliates. This is where you will have to spend some money to buy traffic.

Most of the traffic sources allow for targeting by 

  • device type
  • country
  • language
  • ISP

However, traffic sources like Facebook or Google have really advanced audience options available.

Budget for traffic

Traffic sources allow you to set two types of campaign budget limits: 

  • daily budget
  • total budget

The first one refers to the amount of money your campaign is allowed to spend per single day, and the second one is a budget for a whole campaign.

So, if you set a $20 daily budget and a $100 total budget, you can run your campaign for 5 days. Note that some traffic sources don’t allow for a daily budget lower than $20. Traffic sources that do allow for a lower budget tend to not be precise when imposing such small limits, so overspending may occur. 

As you will learn from Course 3, you should let your campaigns run for some time before even starting to optimize. Usually, the part when you gather data lasts for 2 – 3 days. Then comes the optimization and another few days of running.

If you want to test more offers and more audiences at once, you can run several campaigns simultaneously. However, you will have to multiply your total budget accordingly.

Be sure that the money you spend on affiliate marketing is additional money that won’t affect your essential life expenses.

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