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In 2014, US News & World Report published its best global university ranking. Its ranking methodology is based on 10 different indicators that measure the academic performance and reputation of universities.

The inaugural ranking of the world’s best universities has been launched by the U.S. News & World Report on October 28, 2014, and was based on data and metrics provided by Thomson Reuters, and thus differs systematically from the standards traditionally used by the U.S. News for rating US institutions.

Universities are judged based on factors such as the reputation of global research, publications, and the number of highly cited papers. U.S. News also has global, region- and topic-specific rankings based on this methodology. Inside Higher Ed noted that US News is in the international rankings of colleges and universities that are “already dominated by three major global university rankings”: Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Rankings of World Universities, and QS World University Rankings.

“We are very well known in the industry for doing academic rankings, so we thought it was a natural extension of the other rankings we do,” said Robert Morse, chief data strategist at US News. Morse noted that US News is “the first American publisher to enter the field of rankings”, given that Times Higher Education and QS are British, while the Academic Ranking of World Universities is Chinese.

The Washington Post indicated that some US institutions rank higher in the US news world rankings than their local rankings, notably Princeton University, which was ranked as the best university in the US in the 2014 local rankings, second only to nine other US universities (And three British universities). ) in the 2014 world ranking, which was topped by Harvard University. This is attributed to the global ranking focusing on ‘research proficiency’, while ‘university experience’ was not included, for which standardized international data is difficult to obtain.